Hagland Shipping orders 4 environmental friendly newbuilds


Hagland Shipping has entered into a contract with Dutch shipyard Royal Bodewes for the construction of four self-discharging bulk carriers of abt. 5,000 DWT, emphasising zero emissions at harbour and substantial reduction of emissions during sailing. Hagland aims to achieve greener short sea shipping through reduced local and global greenhouse gas emissions and reduced noise. The vessels will replace older vessels with traditional propulsion systems with modern, optimised vessels with plug-in battery hybrid solution and electric cargo handler.

Hagland Shipping took over the last ship of three newbuilds from Royal Bodewes in November 2023. The new ships will be of the same design, but with several innovations that will further reduce emissions. Compared to the oldest ships in Hagland’s existing fleet, the ships are expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 40-50% and NOx emissions by 90-95% from delivery. The ships are equipped with an engine solution that can be converted to methanol operation in the future. A system that recovers the waste heat from the engines will produce enough electricity to cover the ship’s hotel load. The first ship is expected to join the fleet around year-end 2025. The ships will fly NIS flag. In total, the investment is more than NOK 800 million and will be the single biggest investment in the group’s history.

The project has received support from the fleet renewal program for shortsea shipping.

– We are proud to be able to enter into yet another contract for newbuildings with high focus on efficiency and low emissions. The experience with the last three ships has been very good and the new vessels will be a further improvement.

About Hagland Shipping

Hagland Shipping was established in 1983 and operates a total of 13 self-discharging vessels in addition to the four newbuildings, trading mainly in Northern Europe and the Baltics. In 2021, we completed the conversion of the ship Hagland Captain as the world’s first battery-hybrid ship in the shipping company’s segment, in collaboration with NOAH. In 2021 and 2022, Hagland Shipping ordered its first three newbuildings, all with similar technology. The newbuildings that have now been ordered build on the experience gained from these projects and will be utilized for our normal trade and operation. The order will strengthen the company’s position in the market for self-discharging bulk carriers.

Hagland Shipping is among the leading operators of self-unloading bulk carriers in the segment from 2,500 – 7,000 dwt, what is known as short-sea shipping. The ships operate mainly in the North-European & Baltic trade. Hagland’s ships are self-discharging bulk carriers in the size 3,700-5,000 dwt and mainly transport stone and wood materials, as well as other bulk cargoes for a number of industrial companies. Hagland Shipping had a turnover of NOK 572 million in 2023 and is part of the Hagland group.

For further information, please contact:

Paal W. Aanensen (Co-CEO), +47 997 28 224   //   Øivind W. Aanensen (Co-CEO), +47 900 67 713