Vessel purchase and flag changes for Hagland Shipping


Hagland Shipping announced today that it has agreed to purchase “Hagland Captain“. The vessel was built in India in 2012, and has since then been chartered from a Dutch company to Hagland Shipping.

The announcement was made during an informal ceremony regarding the flag change of the vessel “Hagland Bona“, while she was discharging cargo at FMC Biopolymer’s facility at Vormedal just outside Haugesund. The flag change follows recent changes in regulation for The Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS), which among other things allow NIS-registered vessels to sail between Norwegian ports. Hagland Shipping has welcomed these changes and as a result has transferred three of its vessels to NIS.

Also «Hagland Captain» will be registered in NIS, and will be Hagland Shipping’s fourth vessel flying the Norwegian flag and having Haugesund as its home port.

Local media covered this story, which can be seen here and here (in Norwegian).

Hagland Captain | Hagland Shipping